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Terms and Conditions

Article 1: Reservations / payments

Klein Bonaire Noordwijk only accepts bookings from people aged 21 and over. Groups of young people and friends groups are not allowed. You can book via the website. Your booking will be confirmed within 3 working days by e-mail.
You can not take an option on the bungalow. Your booking is only definitive if the deposit has been paid within 8 working days on account number NL 86 KNAB 0256060606 to Klein Bonaire Noordwijk and confirmed by us in writing by e-mail. If you have not received the confirmation within 5 working days, please contact us at info@bungalow-noordwijk.nl.

If you book more than 6 weeks before departure, we ask for a deposit of 50%. If you book less than 6 weeks before departure, you must pay the entire travel sum.

Klein Bonaire Noordwijk reserves the right to cancel the rental / rental agreement in the event of proven incorrectness of the data provided, insofar as this has adverse consequences for Klein Bonaire Noordwijk.

Only guests of Klein Bonaire Noordwijk have the right to use the bungalow on the property of the owner, as well as the general area.

Article 2: Arrival / departure
  • Check in: from 15:00
  • Check out: before 10:00

The key is handed to you personally by Sé or Lisetta. You must be able to identify yourself. If you arrive later than 3 p.m., please contact us early on 0648075196.

Article 3: What is included in the rent
  • Includes: a free Caribbean welcome pack, bed linen, a bath towel package and a kitchen package. Including gas, water and light, one parking space.
  • Exclusive: final cleaning, tourist tax, pets surcharge (max 2).
  • You must leave the bungalow clean and tidy at check-out. Extra costs will be charged if you leave the bungalow heavily polluted € 50, -.
  • You must dispose of household refuse, organic waste, glass and paper in the appropriate refuse container at the beginning of the park and clean up any unused rubbish there.
Article 4: The dogs

A maximum of 2 dogs per stay can be taken on Klein Bonaire Noordwijk. There are extra costs for this. € 7.50 per night, per dog. Owners of dogs should keep them on a leash and take care of cleaning up their droppings.

Article 5: BBQ, smoke and fire
  • It is forbidden to smoke in the bungalow. There are ashtrays outside on the terrace, where you can smoke.
  • Open fire in and around the bungalow is prohibited. BBQ and only in the designated BBQ.
  • Treat nature with respect and avoid dune fires.
  • In case of nuisance and / or damage to the cottage, the inventory or other properties of park guests, you run the risk of having to leave Klein Bonaire Noordwijk prematurely.
Article 6: Deposit

Klein Bonaire Noordwijk should be used with passion and love by our guests. If you leave your bungalow heavily soiled on departure, extra cleaning costs can be charged. These costs are € 50, –

Article 7: Liability

The protagonist mentioned in the rental confirmation is responsible for an orderly course of affairs in and around the bungalow. Breakage / loss or damage to inventory or accommodation must also be settled directly by the main character.

We are not liable for loss, theft, damage or accidents caused to persons and / or goods during or as a result of a stay in and around Klein Bonaire Noordwijk.

The failure of (electrical) devices in Klein Bonaire Noordwijk can not be solved immediately. We do our best to remedy this provided it is not your liability.

We reserve the right to carry out maintenance during your stay. We naturally try to take our guests into account.

Article 8: Traffic rules

The traffic rules apply in accordance with the Road Traffic Act. Cyclists are exempt from following the direction of travel. Pedestrians have priority at all times. The traffic must adjust its speed accordingly. Parking is only allowed in the parking spaces. Klein Bonaire Noordwijk has its own numbered parking space, number 29. The other places are extra

Article 9: Nuisance

Everyone will see to it that they do not cause nuisance in any form whatsoever to neighbors and other park residents.

No noise pollution by means of radio, TV and other noise producing devices that cause disadvantage or nuisance to neighbors.

You must place your motorcycles and / or (hum) bicycles in such a way that the road can be used without hindrance. Tests are not allowed.

General rules of decency, standards and values ​​also apply to the park.

Article 10: Cancel

If you wish to cancel the reservation 6 weeks before the start of the stay, you owe 50% of the booking amount. In case of cancellation within 6 weeks before the start of the stay or in case of premature termination of the stay, the full booking amount is due.

You must notify the cancellation in writing by e-mail.

Article 11: House rules

In Klein Bonaire Noordwijk you and your companions must comply with the established house rules. The house rules, which apply to all rental agreements, are clearly visible in the bungalow.

Connecting infrared lamps and other electric heaters does not fit into the Caribbean spheres of Klein Bonaire Noordwijk, and is not permitted.

Article 12: Complaints

Klein Bonaire Noordwijk tries to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Do you have a complaint? Please let us know during your stay. Then we can try to solve them. If you still have a complaint after leaving Klein Bonaire Noordwijk, we find it very unfortunate that you did not make this known during your stay. In none of the cases we can give money back.

Article 13: Price changes

We reserve the right to change prices in the interim. Mistakes and errors do not bind us.